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acupuncture in sugar land tx


Read what our customers have to say about their experience at Sweetwater Acupuncture! If you have an experience to share, please share it on our Facebook page, Yelp page, or Google Plus page. Thank You!

Our experience turned out not to be just a good experience but a Great one!

My father was having multiple chronic health issues. Believing in the benefits of acupuncture, I decided to take my father to Sweetwater Acupuncture to see Dr. Charles Chen. From the beginning, I knew it was going to be a good experience.  
Dr. Chen was very professional, courteous and informative. He was completely thorough through the entire process. My dad, stepmom  and I were highly impressed with his knowledge and skill. By the time we left, my Dad and stepmother were totally sold on Dr. Charles Chen and acupuncture. Our experience turned out not to be just a good experience but a Great one! 

I give Dr. Charles Chen and Sweetwater Acupuncture 10 STARS!!!

~ Sonya K.

I'm a Believer

"I was skeptical when a family friend made me an appointment with Charles. I had had many acupressure massages by the blind masseuses in Shanghai (No, not that kind) but was unsure if I wanted to be stuck with sharp sterile objects.  

He introduced himself to me promptly at my appointment time and walked me into a treatment room. He asked me health questions and any ailments I had. He then asked for permission to examine me. He examined both my front and back. He then began to press firmly on certain parts of my back that I knew was the good sorts of pain. He spent ten minutes and then asked for permission to place needles on me. 

I obliged and he placed several needles on my legs, stomach area, face, arms, and head. It was an unusual sensation, but tolerable. He then asked me if any insertion sites were sore and then left a bell in my hand just in case. He left and returned twenty-five minutes later. He removed the needles and made some life style recommendations in terms of diet and posture. 
I walked out with that high you get after a proper massage, but with more information and structure.
I'm a believer.

P.S. Charle's voice itself is soothing enough to calm a screeching baby.

~ Theo N.

We Are Grateful

“My positive thoughts on most healthcare aspects as we are taught in the western model have been lost. The idea of over prescribing antibiotics and taking them "just to be safe," "let's treat only the symptoms until it goes away," or the "let's try this instead" is ridiculous. We are not experiments. 

I myself was just recovering from being ill and our daughter had started having a recurring afternoon fever of 103. That would have sent most parents to the ER on the first day. What caused us to steer clear of the ER visit was the fact that, though our daughter did have a high fever, she never lost her sense of humor or wit. Needless to say the stress of my daughter's sickness was beginning to weigh heavy on my wife and me as well. 

We decided to go to Sweetwater Acupuncture and visit Charles Chen. He was wonderful, playful, and gentle to our daughter. Charles also offered grounded advice and explanation. As our daughter was resting during her treatment, Charles turned his focus to me. I was not there for treatment. My mindset was trying to stay stoic and strong (because that is what a dad does right?). Charles knew better. Charles then took me in to a treatment room as well. 

Charles ended the treatments and explained how much longer things would take as well as what to expect. He was correct down to the hour of how and when the symptoms and sickness would progress. Shortly after our visit I did get a bit impatient with progress. I called Charles and his gentle guidance and reassurance grounded me. The next day my daughter and I were both much better. So much so that our daughter wanted to go to the beach. Since then all has been well for our little girl. Thank you Charles, you are truly caring and gentle and we are grateful.”

~ Matthew C.

My overall health and quality of life are much improved.

Dr. Chen has truly earned the title of "Doctor". Not only does he provide compassionate care, he also does a great job of educating his patients and gives them the tools they need to remain healthy. I visited Sweetwater Acupuncture last Fall because I repeatedly kept catching colds and felt extremely exhausted and drained. Upon entering the clinic I was greeted kindly by the front desk staff and was welcomed by the peaceful yet uplifting ambiance of the clinic. I didn't have to wait long before Dr. Chen took me back to the treatment room. The room was bright, clean, and well ventilated. He inquired about my condition and listened carefully and compassionately. Once the treatment began he made every effort to make sure I was comfortable and covered me with sheets to make sure I was warm enough. After the first few needles went in my breath finally eased and my nervous system relaxed. I am very grateful that I was able to lie flat and take deep breaths again! After several nights of not sleeping I finally drifted off to deep and restful sleep and when I woke up I felt like I had more energy and my chest felt less congested. After helping me up he sat with me and told me what I could do to help my condition when I feel the onset of a cold - now a heating pad is my best friend! He also gave me dietary advice which I have continued to use. Thank you Dr. Chen, because of your help I was able to enjoy the chilly season instead of fighting off colds! I highly recommend Sweetwater Acupuncture - I have been back for neck pain and menstrual cramps and am so glad that I did! My overall health and quality of life are much improved.

~ Kulsoom S.

The whole experience was very relaxing...

“My daughter introduced me to Dr. Chen to see if an acupuncture treatment could help lessen the tension in my shoulders and alleviate some of the stress and anxiety I’ve been carrying for some time. When we arrived, we completed the patient forms, which were simple and straightforward, and within minutes, I was greeted by Dr. Chen and led to one of the patient rooms. We discussed my medical history, certain events that may have recently added to my stress and anxiety, as well as the suitable treatments that could help. Dr. Chen began the acupuncture treatment and chatted with me as he made sure I was comfortable with the needling. Even though it was my first time meeting Dr. Chen, I could tell he was a very kind person and appreciated his words of encouragement and advice during my treatment. Once everything was in safely in place, he quietly left the room and I was able to rest peacefully for a while. Later after the all the needles were removed, I also had tui-na to further release the tension in my shoulders. I felt very relieved and refreshed when the treatment finished. The whole experience was very relaxing and I would recommend Dr. Chen’s clinic to my friends.”

~ L. Long

Dr. Chen always has his patients' best interest in mind.

“Dr. Chen has been helping me with my severe health condition for about a year and a half now and his knowledge and great advice are very much appreciated. I’ve always hated having to see the doctor and heard about acupuncture and Chinese medicine from friends and family before, but never thought to seek any treatments for myself. After contemplating about it, I figured I had nothing to lose and decided to give it a try. During the first month of having acupuncture treatments, taking herbal medicine, and making a few small lifestyle changes, slowly but surely I could feel there was some progress. Being an anxious person, I always have to remind myself that healing takes time, especially since for many years I placed work above my own health like most workaholics do. Dr. Chen continues to encourage me during our treatments and always has his patients’ best interest in mind. I’m very glad I decided to try acupuncture and Chinese medicine. It’s hard to find someone nowadays who sincerely cares for their patients the way Dr. Chen does.” 

E. Yang

I would highly recommend Dr. Chen...

"Suffered from neck pain and tinnitus for years. Went to Dr Chen's clinic for treatment. Charles is very knowledgeable & approachable, willing to take the time to examine and explain treatment options and what I can reasonable expect from the treatment. Compassionate & excellent bedside manner. Would highly recommend Dr Chen to anyone who asks." 

~ Eric L.

It's amazing to see and feel how quickly Dr. Chen can reap results.

“It's amazing to see and feel how quickly Dr. Chen can reap results. Today I was suffering from extremely painful menstrual cramping. I was sweating, having chills, and feeling nauseous.  I was on my wits end when I was able to get a treatment with Dr. Chen. My pain was at least a 7 or 8 out of 10 on the pain scale. By the time all the needles where inserted my pain level went down to a 3 immediately. After the treatment was over I got up off the treatment table with 0 pain. Dr. Chen is very understanding and treats his patients with care and professionalism. He is a very skilled and talented acupuncturist and I would refer him to all my family and friends without hesitation.” 

~ Seneca D.

You will not be disappointed!

“Acupuncture is the way of healing today. I have become so disillusioned with Western Medicine by them only treating the symptoms and dispensing unneeded drugs. Acupuncture considers the whole person. Dr. Chen is the best! His concern for the individual is paramount. His use of acupuncture needles is gentle and effective. Chinese Herbs are so much better for your body than pharmaceuticals. Visit Sweetwater Acupuncture to get a new look at your continued health care. You will not be disappointed!” 

~ Linda H.

He will always do his best to help in any way that he can.

“Dr. Chen is an amazing acupuncturist and teacher. He is a very honest and kind person. He cares so much about all of his patients and students. I would recommend him and his clinic because he will always do his very best to help in any way that he can.” 

~ Chantel B.

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